An online project by the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Portal mission:

Online study of Russian as a foreign language, promotion of the Russian language and education in the World.

PushkinOnline combines an online course of Russian as a foreign language, an online school for teachers of Russian as a foreign language, open online courses for those studying Russian as a foreign language and an integrated social network to enable communication between interested parties.

The portal provides the opportunities:

  • For every user:
  • - learn Russian at your own pace or with a certified tutor;
  • - test and certify your level of Russian language proficiency;
  • - learn new and exciting things in Russian by enrolling into any of our open online courses;
  • - become a Pushkin Institiute partner by participating in projects dedicated to the study and promotion of the Russian language;
  • For teachers of Russian as a foreign language:
  • - elevate your professional teaching skills by enrolling in one of our training and retraining programs.
  • For a philology-related major:
  • - enroll into our advanced retraining program and earn a diploma that will enable you to become a certified teacher of Russian as a foreign language.