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A 1 Elementary
    You will learn:
  • how read and write in Russian
  • how to pronounce Russian sounds, words and phrases
  • how to construct and understand basic texts in Russian
  • how to behave in typical everyday situations
A 2 Basic
    You will be able to:
  • use basic phrases and word combinations to describe yourself and your family
  • maintain basic conversations
  • elevate listening comprehension to understand basic lifestyle information
  • get basic information in a conversation by using simple questions
B 1 I сertified
    You will be able to:
  • convey messages if asked about a favorite book or film
  • share your opinion on a hot topic
  • comprehend what Russians speak about at work or in school
  • be capable of keeping up with conversations if in a Russian speaking environment
B 2 II сertified
    You will be able to:
  • comprehend professional content
  • speak quickly and spontaneously with a native speaker
  • display confidence in sharing your point of view
  • comment and convey clear messages regarding interesting topics
C 1 III certified
    You will be able to:
  • comprehend Russian classical literature
  • speak quickly and spontaneously with a wide array of scientific and professional vocabulary
  • communicate freely about professional topics with Russian colleagues
  • create coherent and logical reports on scientific topics
C 2 IV certified
    You will be able to:
  • reach peak reading and listening comprehension
  • write research papers
  • emphasize shades of meaning in complicated linguistic situations
  • teaching

После успешного освоения онлайн-курса слушатель может получить сертификат, подтверждающий прохождение обучения по данному курсу (образец).