I want to study Russian language and Russian literature and become a philologist!
Pushkin State Russian Language Institute specializes in teaching Russian to international students and in training teachers to teach Russian as a foreign language.
It has four main departments:
- Philological Department
- Department of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language
- Department of Continuing Education
- Department of Pre-University Education
The academic program of the Philological Department is based on three cycles:
- four-year Bachelor Programs in Philology,
- two-year Master Programs in Philology and Lingusitics,
- three-year post-graduate programs in Russian Language and in Theory and Methodology of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language.
Upon graduation students are granted state diplomas and degrees of Bachelor of Philology, Master of Philology, Researcher specializing in teaching Russian as a foreign language respectively.
International MA/MS degrees holders wishing to pursue a PhD degree are welcome to apply for the post-graduate course.
This year you can study at the Pushkin Institute online!
We hope you’ll connect with our community https://www.facebook.com/Pushkin.Institute, explore our  site http://pushkin.institute/  and Internet-portal "PushkinOnline" https://pushkininstitute.ru/  and get to know the ins and outs of our Institute!

Course options

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