Create your own magazine

Course authors and lecturers

Olga Aleksandrovna Ilchenko

Candidate of Pedagogy, leading research associate of the Federal Institute for Advancement of Education, Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.

Natalya Aleksandrovna Kolchina

Novice journalist, student of 8th grade, English Specialist School #1250.

Maksim Sergeevich Kornev

Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Television, Radio and Internet Technologies Department of the Journalism faculty of RSUH Massmedia Institute.

Vadim Vasilyevich Nosov

Writer and a social activist, former editor of "Pioneer Truth" ("Пионерская правда") and editor-in-chief of the Rospechat agency.

Aleksey Vlafimirovich Khodorych

Journalist and screenwriter, editor-in-chief of children's "Cool Magazine" ("Классный журнал").

About the course

Taking this course will give you an idea of major modern trends in journalism, including children's journalism; you will be able to learn the basics of working in mass media communications and the editorial business. Every participant will gain an opportunity to become an editor-in-chief, author of articles and headings, editor, layout designer and publisher of their own magazine: at home with parents or with friends and classmates.

Course structure

1. Topical issues of modern journalism for children.

2. Pecularities of children's journalism. Create your own "Cool Magazine".

3. Create your own magazine: how it is done.

4. Remote layout of a magazine.

Purpose of the course

Learn the fundamentals of journalism and how to publish a magazine.

Course results

Acquiring knowledge about current trends in children's journalism, starting to learn the profession of an editor's and layout specialist.


Course options