Effective transportation

Course authors and lecturers

Andrey Vyacheslavovich Laushkin

The Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University.

Andrey Vladimirovich Sotskov

About the course

Men of all ages can talk about cars for hours on end, yet ladies are by no means lagging behind. Let's put words into deeds! How can we decrease fuel consumption? What can be done to improve a vehicle's capacity? What kinds of fuel are the best to use and why? What are the Classes of Environmental Compliance? These and other questions will be answered by people, who have turned their enthusiasm about cars and motorcycles into their profession: teachers of the Moscow Institute of Road Traffic.

Only real models, secrets of construction, maintenance fundamentals and everything you wanted to know about cars but were afraid to ask.

Major factors in energy efficiency and environmental safety of using vehicles are covered in this course.

Course structure

1. Influence of design factors on the efficiency of a vehicle.

2. Influence of technical condition of a vehicle on its efficiency.

3. Influence of maintenance of a vehicle on its efficiency.

4. Influence of operatiional materials on the efficiency of a vehicle.

Purpose of the course

Profession-oriented training. Forming initial professional knowledge and skills for students. Major factors in energy efficiency and environmental safety of vehicle operation.

Required qualifications

Basic scientific knowledge, particularly of physics, chemistry and geometry.

Course results

Participants will acquire basic knowledge of the design of motor vehicles, the rudiments of maintenance, and the properties of operating fluids. Detailed consideration and evaluation of major factors in auto and motor transport energy efficiency are planned to be covered during classes.


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