From a model aeroplane to a plane. Part 1

Course authors and lecturers

Aleksey Borisovich Agulnik

Doctor of Engineering, Moscow Aviation Institute.

Vladimir Sergeevich Brusov

Doctor of Engineering.

Aleksandr Viktorovich Efremov

Doctor of Engineering, Moscow Aviation Institute.

Aleksey Vladimirovich Ionov

Moscow Aviation Institute.

Igor Ivanovich Krechun

Moscow Aviation Institute.

Elena Vitalyevna Larionova

Moscow Aviation Institute.

Sergey Aleksandrovich Popov

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Moscow Aviation Institute.

Viktor Aleksandrovich Timashev

Moscow Aviation Institute.

Igor Vitalyevich Trifonov

About the course

The participants will start by creating a simple plane with their own hands. Then they will learn the history of men conquering the sky. In the following modules, the subjects of aeromodeling and aviation design will intertwine. The participants will be shown how it is possible to move from simple model airplanes to creating super advanced planes.

Course structure

1. Create your first plane.

2. Why do aircraft fly? Essentials for aerodynamics and flight physics.

3. Aircraft design.

4. Hearts of planes.

Purpose of the course

The course is aimed at giving a feel for the evolution of aviation, aeromodeling and aviation design. The participants shall understand the major principles of flight, learn about the major objectives and prospects for the development of aviation, learn the operating principles of major systems of airplanes and model airplanes.

Required qualifications

Basic scientific knowledge, particularly of physics and math.

Course results

The participant knows the history of aviation, major tasks of aeromodeling and aviation design, main systems in the airplanes and their principles of operation, major stages of creating model aeroplanes, and is able to make simple model airplanes.


Course options