Getting to know digital electronics

Course authors and lecturers

Dmitriy Eduardovich Kravtsov

MEPhI National Nuclear Research University.

The course is designed based on hands-on electronics training, carried out by Dmitriy Kravtsov in MEPhI Lyceums 1511 and 1523.

About the course

Electronics enthusiasts used to face two problems: where to get the parts and who to consult. Nowadays it is easy to purchase parts and a manual for using them is presented in the form of our course, which will help all those wishing to start using digital electronics elements in practical terms.

Course structure

1. The transistor as a main element of digital electronics.

2. Digital logic. Logical components and their application.

3. Microcontrollers: The next stage of development. Introduction to Arduino.

4. Microcomputers. Introduction to Raspberry Pi.

Purpose of the course

If you have seen on the Internet different electronic devices, assembled based on special boards and sets and would like to start doing something like this yourself, but you do not know where to start, then this course will help you make the first steps towards your goal. In this course, basic terms and principles are explained in lay language, and they will help you begin assembling your own electronic devices.

Required qualifications

Elementary knowledge of electric circuit theory is required. Knowledge of programming basics on any high-level programming language are preferrable (but not required).

Course results

Acquiring practical skills: reading and plotting primary electronic circuits; assembly of these circuits; using microcontrollers and microcomputers in developing your own electronic devices.


Course options