Slippers for Cinderella: designing useful things

Course authors and lecturers

Andrey Valentinovich Firsov

Doctor of Engineering, Moscow State University for Design and Technology.

Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Head of IT and Computer Design Department at the Moscow State University for Design and Technology. Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Engineering. Area of expertise: research and design of informational systems for the design and visualisation of products of textile and the consumer goods industry through the implementation of mathematical modeling, based on the graph theory, computer graphics and image processing theory. He has over 30 years of academic experience. He is also the author of over 100 scientific, teaching and guidance papers, including over 10 registered computer programs. Developer of over 20 different educational courses, including "Computer Geometry and Graphics for Engineers", "Automated Methods for Designing Products", "Information Technologies for Designers". Under his lead, over 50 IT engineers, four Candidates and one Doctor have been trained.

About the course

Modern technologies enable any person, not just an industrial design specialist, to think up and implement almost anything in reality (at least, as an appearance model). Just within an hour and a half specialists of Moscow State University for Design and Technology will recreate the brainchild of old masters - a miniature Chinese slipper.

Course structure

1. Information technologies in design. The way that digital technologies have changed the world.

2. 3D scanning. How to get into the digital world.

3. 3D editors. The way to create a customized item.

4. 3D printing. The way to materialize a virtual dream.

Purpose of the course

Getting an idea of the design process for developing new objects, as well as an idea of the materials' properties, preparation for using modeling skills in 3D modeling and printing laboratory.

Required qualifications

Knowledge and skills in the scope of the school program for draftsmanship, art, physics and geometry.

Course results

Obtaining basic skills of computer design and developing household and interior items.


Course options