Cartoon studio at home

Course authors and lecturers

Evgeni Genrikhovich Kabakov

Founder of the MultiStudia cartoon studio and Fascinating Science Festival, teacher of information technologies, training specialist of the Moscow Institute for Open Education, and employee of the Institute of New Technologies.

About the course

Cartoon animationis not just something for fun; it is a new universal language. We are happy to be able to explore and develop it. Creating cartoons makes life more fun, fuller, and more interesting, It unites people with completely different interests: humanitarian, technical, scientific, artistic... there are things to do to everyone's liking.

People, rivers, clouds, microbes and continents, atoms and galaxies - everything is in motion. And we can be aware of this motion by creating its animated image.

Flying, participating in other wonderful miracles - everything is in our hands. This is what we will learn in the "Home cartoon studio".

Course structure

1. Self-made cartoon. From a notepad to the screen.

2. Animated cartoons.

3. A cartoon performance becomes a cartoon film.

4. Claymation.

5. Laboratory of miracles. Transformations, animations, flight.

6. Adobe Flash and other useful software.

Purpose of the course

During the "Cartoon Studio at Home" lessons, the authors will talk about and show how cartoons are made, how often cartoon frames change, what multiphasing is and how to turn a performance into an animated film.

Required qualifications

The course is designed for children, who are 8 and older.

Course results

Creating an amateur movie


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