Smart things

Course authors and lecturers

Svetlana Yuryevna Sidorova

Candidate of Culturological Sciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Candidate of Culturology, Associate Professor of Journalism faculty at Lomonosov MSU, teacher at the Seasons of Life school. Graduated with honors from the Journalism faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Collaborated with the literary and art department of Radio Rossii ("From the Talks with a Book" ("Из разговоров с книгой") and "Caprice" author's series). Defended her Candidate's dissertation at the Foreign Languages and Regional Studies Faculty of Lomonosov MSU, specializing in "Theory and History of Culture". Subject of dissertation research: "The concept of artistic memory in artistic culture: Marcel Proust, Vladimir Nabokov, Ivan Bunin". She currently teaches at the Editorial and Publishing, and Informatics Department of the Journalism faculty of Lomonosov MSU ("Literary Editing", "Creation of Media Text" courses). Author of "Metaphysics of a Metaphor in Artistic Culture" scientific monograph, "Literary Kitchen" and "Creative Text" courses at the Seasons of Life school. The initiator and anchorwoman of the TV version of "Literary Kitchen" on the Domashniy channel: "Cook Fiction" series (spring 2012).

About the course

We offer you exciting research of images and plots in mythological, literary, pictorial, theatrical and cinematographic contexts. This will be achieved through an imaginary journey in cultural space, which is inhabited by objects created by humans and objects creating humans - both silent and eloquent, resting and moving: doors and windows, lamp shades and armchairs, mirrors and stairs, bureaus and suitcases, boots and slippers, greatcoats and dresses, buttons and corsets, rings and bracelets... Imagine us going on an adventure in a modeled House, stopping for a short while at significant spots, observing the world of things in cultural text.

Structure of the course

1. Space of clothes.

2. Space of decor.

3. Space of paper.

4. Space of suitcases.

5. Space of door steps.

6. Space of interior.

Purpose of the course

Develop artistic thinking and metaphorical perception, help learn the art of interpretation of works of fiction by being able to decipher symbolical codes and find the metaphorical keys for the researched texts.

Required qualifications

Entry-level education in the humanities is required (knowledge of major cultural codes: works of fiction studied in secondary school). Basic higher humanities education is preferrable.

Course results

Acquiring hermeneutical skills for working with literary text.


Course options