Fostering creativity in a family

Course authors and lecturers

Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Gin

Founder and scientific supervisor of the International "Education for the New Era" Laboratory.

Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Gin is a specialist in Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), master of TRIZ, and a tutor. CEO of TRIZ-Profi (an autonomous non-profit organization for the support of innovations), Moscow, Vice-president of the International TRIZ Association on educational matters. Founder and scientific supervisor of the international laboratory for educational technologies called "Education for the New Era". Author of nine books, four elementary school text books and the editor of over 25 titles for teachers and children. His book titled "Practices of Pedagogical Techniques: Freedom of Choice. Openness. Activity. Feedback. Perfection: Teacher's Guidance" became a bestseller among training literature for teachers and has been reprinted 17 times. Books by Anatoliy Gin have been published in 11 countries, including the USA, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, and countries of Western Europe, with more than 130,000 copies in total.

About the course

Many parents want their children to be creative, got to the heart of problems on the fly, be bold about solving them, study consciously... Teaching this is an art. However, all art is based on techniques: rules, techniques, recommendations... Would you like to significantly increase your parenting qualifications? We invite you to attend the "Fostering Creativity in a Family" course. All the knowledge that you acquire during the course is practical and applicable. Go the extra mile and your kids will be grateful to you.

Structure of the course

1. Passion for the new - where it comes from and how it is supported (5 lectures).

2. Exercises for brain building.

3. Open tasks as a tool for developing creative abilities.

4. Experiments at home.

5. The child as a source of life objectives.

6. Risks and independent work.

7. Family and home as a development environment.

Purpose of the course.

Participants will be introduced to the genres of Limerick, chastushka (four-line folk rhymes), folk tale, ballad, tale, elegy, sonnet, and fable.

Required qualifications

Participants will learn how to fill the time of communication with a child in a way that would evoke his or her imagination, thinking and creativity.


Course options