Be your own writer

Course authors and lecturers

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Yakovleva

Maxim Gorky Literature Institute.

Training Specialist of the Curriculum & Instruction Department of KM Obrazovanie OOO, editor-in-chief of the Christian "Wonderful Magazine" ("Удивительный журнал") magazine for kids, author of guidance manuals for the works of Russian authors.

Elena Nikolaevna Yastrebtseva

Candidate of Pedagogics, Maxim Gorky Literature Institute.

CEO of KM Obrazovanie OOO, author of more than 300 publications on matters relating to the integration of Internet technologies into education in different titles: "Pedagogics" ("Педагогика"), "Computer and Education" ("Компьютер и образование"), "Informatics and Education" ("Информатика и образование"), Production de journaux et alhabetion (CLEMI/UNESCO), "Teacher's Newspaper" ("Учительская газета"), "School Library: Today and Tomorrow" ("Школьная библиотека: сегодня и завтра") and others.

About the course

In order to penetrate the texture of literary writing deeply, one needs not only to understand the content, but also to feel its shape. The choice of genre is not a random matter for authors. Each literary genre has its history, specifics and its own life in world culture. The life of smaller genres - tales, ballads, chastushkas (four-line folk rhymes) - is especially interesting as the brevity also defined the difficulty of tasks the author faced. Becoming familiar with such genres will help the course participants not only to better understand literary works, but also to become creators.

Structure of the course

1. "The Mystery of Beauty" (Sonnet)

2. "Nonsense or Sense?" (Limerick and chastushka)

3. "To the Sounds of Gusli and Guitars" (Folk tale and ballad)

4. "Wandering Plots" (Tale), 60 min.

5. "A Trap for Beauty" (Elegy)

6. "Don't You Blame the Mirror..." (Fable)

Purpose of the course

Participants will be introduced to the genres of Limerick, chastushka (four-line folk rhymes), folk tale, ballad, tale, elegy, sonnet, and fable.

Required qualifications

The course is designed for students of 11 years old and older, as well as their parents and all literature enthusiasts.

Course results

Being able to write your own pieces of work in the suggested genres.

Course options