The 21st Young Journalists' School

Course authors and lecturers

Arina Ayanovna Sharapova

President of the Arts and Media Technologies School, Candidate of Sociological Sciences. Famous anchorwoman, journalist, and member of the Russian Television Academy. In 2006, she was awarded the Order of Friendship by Decree of the President of Russia.

Gulim Rakhymovna Amirkhanova

Journalist, editor, media trainer, teacher of multimedia tools module at the Communications, Media and Design faculty at NRU HSE. Author of the following training sessions: "News Show. How to make evening news more interesting", "Creating a report", "Work with sources and search for information", "Work of the informational editorial office of regional TV channels", "Special report", "Multimedia services for content creation" and others. Founder of, a blog about multimedia.

Nina Filippovna Vassina

Editor of Channel One news and current affairs programs directory, an elocution teacher with 40 years of experience. During these years, she has fixed speech and diction for several generations of anchormen and speakers of ORT and Channel One.

Maksim Yuryevich Girin

Famous marketing specialist, expert of BTL STUDY training center and Russian Startup Rating. Teacher of marketing disciplines for MBA programs at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, member of Marketing Specialists Guild council, chairman of judges of the PromoApelsin contest.

Iosif Mikhailovich Dzyaloshinskiy

Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor of National Research University - Higher School of Economics, head of business communications research laboratory at NRU HSE. Member of Eurasian Academy of Radio and Television, member of the Russian Communications Association Editorial Board, Editor-in-Chief of the "Business. Society. Authority" e-magazine. Author of over 300 scientific publications on political communication, theory and methods of social relations, journalism skill, transparency of different social structures, relationships between the press and authorities, press and civilian society.

Natalya Borisovna Metelina

Russian journalist, TV and radio speaker, member of the Russian Television Academy.

Natalya Stanislavovna Stanevich

Lead stylist of NTV and Channel One, official Guerlain make-up artist in Russia.

Daria Valeryevna Ternovskaya

editor of Public Television, teacher of Arina Sharapova's Arts and Media Technologies School, scholar of educational and charity programs of the Russian Government, Oxford Russian Foundation, Charity Fund of Vladimir Potanin, participant and award winner of international and all-Russian journalism conferences and forums.

About the course

TV and Internet media are leaders in attracting an audience. The modern information consumer surfs the Internet, social networks and watches TV in the background. It is now important to understand the trends in the production of television programs and Internet projects. This course teaches basic teleproduction, media services, and project promotion in social networks. Such knowledge will not only help everyone feel confident in the media space, but also to create their own tele and Internet products. Our course will teach participants to work effectively with information, creating, as a practical result, projects on the module subjects.

Course structure

1. Introduction to journalism.

2. The modern person in the world of communications expansion: illusions and phantoms.

3. Paradoxes of the media landscape.

4. Genres of journalism.

5. Forms of data submission in journalism.

6. Multimedia technologies for the modern journalist.

Purpose of the course

Not only will you learn about the newest media technologies and theoretical basics, but this course will facilitate the unlocking of your unique potential and the translation of your bold creative ideas into action. You will obtain practical knowledge and advice from professional journalists and will learn some secrets and delicacies of the occupation of journalist in the 21st century.

Required qualifications

Middle and high school students.

Course results

You will learn more about the television and Internet media-related professions and become familiar with how news items, reports and multimedia projects are created.


Course options