Drawing a theatrical character

Course authors and lecturers

Elena Alekseevna Agapova

Costume designer, fashion designer, a member of the Union of Russian Artists, Union of Moscow Designers, and the International Arts Foundation. Participant of 36 art exhibitions, including 4 personal ones. She works with watercolors and gouache.

About the course

This course gives an opportunity to learn about the operational aspects of theater artists, creating sceneries and curtains; obtain skills of portraying humans wearing make-up, the human body in a theater costume, feel the role of color and shape at all stages of creating a theater image and stage set.

Course structure

1. Theater from Ancient Greece to the present day.

2. The possibilities that paints give. Part I.

3. The possibilities that paints give. Part II.

4. Portraying a theatrical character in color.

5. Costume of a theatrical character.

6. Theater scenery.

Purpose of the course

Obtaining the knowledge of the features of the work of theater artists, gaining skills of drawing portraits, human shape with graphical and scenic materials.

Required qualifications

Ability to use pencils and paints on a school drawing lesson level.

Course results

Portraying theater characters of Meterlink's "The Bluebird" tale with make-up and costumes against the backdrop of theatrical scenery.


Course options