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How it works

Each level contains a series of courses and tests in predetermined order so you can get the most out of learning Russian. You will have to read and listen to texts, take tests, write essays, take part in dialogues and other activities to develop and improve your reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

Levels A1 and A2 place significant emphasis on the language laboratory to make sure you pronounce Russian sounds properly. After completing all the basic materials of the 1st certificate level you will be able to prepare to study at a Russian university. Level C2 is for those who know and speak Russian fluently. It contains practical courses in Philosophy and Theory of Translation that will be of great interest to both foreigners learning Russian and native speakers alike.

Final testing at the end of each module is based on the state certificate test model. It aims to rate your skill level and prepare you to pass the offline exam. Diagnostic tests will identify your weak points that should be revised before starting the next module.

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Hint system

Cheat without cheating

Get through difficult situations by activating the cheat commentary. You can activate commentary that will define unfamiliar words, give grammatical suggestions and otherwise assist you in completing tasks. All without interrupting your learning process.

Demo screen

Demo screen

Materials that are necessary for completion of several exercises in a row are always backed up on your demo screen. It will automatically appear should information in it be updated and is always available through just one click.


Language lab

Unique training module that enables you to improve your Russian pronunciation! The language lab features an easy-to-use technology that analyzes your pronunciation and intonation and demonstrates the discrepancy between your results and those of a native speaker. Here, you will train your phonetic capacity - typos train away!


Real life texts

You will learn the language based in part on live Russian written word - books, magazines and newspapers allow for you to not only increase your vocabulary, but to also learn to think and increase colloquial language skills in Russian.


Interactive exercises

As you swoop through various skill levels, you will be faced with different types of exercises: fill in the blanks, multiple choice, highlight answers, drag and drop and many others. To make your learning experience even more exciting, exercises are full of professional audio, illustrations and animation.



Each exercise can be fully or partially translated into one of 8 languages (others to come!): English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Hindi. This will enable beginner level users to make a smooth transition into the Russian language.

My daughter is 9 years old and we have always wanted to learn Russian. Online learning is a great opportunity!

Yana, New Zealand

I'm a mother of bilingual children. This is a wonderful opportunity to give them more than what they currently get at school, seeing as Russian isn't part of their curriculum.

Natalia, Poland

I like learning with PushkinOnline. It's free and very well done!

Lud, Germany

Congratulations with launching PushkinOnline! This is a long-awaited product for us in Bulgaria!

Pavlina, Bulgaria

I think that the idea to do a learning platform for non-Russian students, like me, is very attractive.

Lucile Debethune, France

Thank you for this great online course!

Jessica, Hungary

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